Saturday, February 23, 2008

Camera back in use

We got to try some bowling for free, courtesy of the organised activities for the half-term, known as 'Sportlov', where children have time to play various sports. You'd think it was called 'computerlov' if my kids activities were anything to go by.

and those shoes they make you wear, just as untasteful here in Sweden as anywhere else....

And on the same day, we went to the observatory, but this in fact was the water tower next to it, but it's top part that I couldn't capture was a satellite dish shape.

The actual place was basically a group of sheds!

The telescope inside afore-mentioned sheds, with the astronomer whom M thought was Mulle Meck, managed to rouse some interest with a remote control that made it point in the direction of Mars (although we couldn't see it due to clouds).

The model rocket outside..

and for UmmRashid, managed to get these from the library, whether they'lll sit and listen is another matter...

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ummrashid said...

Ahh, the Wouldbegoods edition is exactly the same one as mine! We're up to the chapter called "the Circus", which is hilarious to the extent that I had to pause until I could stop laughing. I hope they enjoy it.