Friday, February 15, 2008

One of me waffles...

Which reminds me I have been having a thing about pancakes with honey and flaked almonds recently. Delicious, until your son asks you to clip his toenails mid-scoff..
Something happening a lot recently, that if I’m walking about in my local area, a person waves to me, and I have to hope it was me they were waving to and not make a complete fool of myself when I wave back. You see, I am the token Muslim woman in the area, so am not hard to spot, but to me all the Swedish parents/ kids look pretty similar, especially at this time of year when covered in winter overalls and woolly hats.
Half-term is upon us and I was putting my feet up for a moment. I gladly realised I had found the perfect position to alleviate my dizzy head (feet elevated on sofa arms and head below body level as our sofa is getting a tad saggy). But how can I maintain this position when I have 4 kids to attend to and DH has jetted of to Africa?
You see my blood pressure is so low that I was seeing black spots when I was lying down. In contrast my MIL’s blood pressure is too high at the moment which is of course more serious, and not just annoying. Any tips for raising blood pressure (apart from reading upsetting e-mails), and lowering it please forward!
S had been home 2 days as he was unwell, and then he himself clicked that it could be a side effect of his vaccination he had on Wednesday (which I believe was for tetanus). Today I tried calmly to protest about not having been informed in writing that my child was going to be jabbed, but was reminded I had signed a consent form, last year!
Educational topics, er, S wondered how whirlpools were made but was unimpressed by the pictures of some in Norway that we found online. I think he’s thinking Bermuda triangle type thing.
Weather is very crisp and blue at the moment and it is so much better to get up for breakfast and the sun is peeping it’s beautiful head above horizon.
Anyhow tomorrow I have the prospect of the supermarket shop where I can also get some cash out as pocket money is owed. Last time H was with me and he thought it very strange that the lady was giving me cashback.
He asked me if I’d said ‘Hands up, give me the money!’ After that we enjoyed imagining other things I could have demanded.
‘Hands up give me my card back!' was one of them. It made packing bags of shopping a little less painful.
I received a pleasing mail from the library the other day, that my suggestion for them stocking 'From my sister's lips' by Nai'ma B Robert had been taken up, and it was ready for me to collect!!
I have actually read it already but thought it could be a good thing for them to have for a wider audience. All I can say is it is worth trying to suggest titles to your library, they can only say 'No'.
Maybe this was a good time to ask as they must have some of their budget still left as it's early on in the year. I shall pay my tax bill this year with slightly less of a sneer inshaAllah.
On a final note for today, I was flicking through the weekly property paper (I have to find something bigger pretty quick as time is ticking past). There was an article about what your bookshelf says about you. Unsurprisingly it said women thought that bookshelves were for books whereas the male species thinks they are suitable for displaying trophies and other such things besides books. We have one proper bookshelf (plus kids own in bedroom) so DH and I share. My half has all my Islam related books, dictionaries, DH’s travel guides, baby/Childcare books and the odd novel. I also have left the bottom shelf for kids books so they don’t have to only go to their room to read. However the shelves are quite deep and so other people’s stuff gets left there (out of reach of Biryani) such as CD’s, remote controls. DH’s half consists of computer CD’s and more CD’s and flying magazines. What have you got on yours??!


ummrashid said...

Since sorting out after the move such unsightly items as DVDs and VHS cassettes have been sent into cupboards and the loft. Now its all educationally useful books, cookery books, Islamic books, gardening books, ring binder files and catalogues on the shelves.

'EF' x said...

My dh has his parts of a shelf here and there and then it is always computer magazines and discs too! He doesn't have flying mags but he does have guitar mags.

Mine are all health and spirituality and 'how to's' about parenting.

I loved 'From My sisters Lips' xxx and had not thought of requesting it to be at the library...I shall mosey on down at some point and see if they will oblige.

Oum Anas said...

Assalamu aleikum

For low blood pressure: more salt, and coffee (didn't help me as hot coffee makes me sleepy!). Try to decrease your sugar intake.

For high blood pressure try this diet (and I'm afraid I dn't have time to translate it):
Varje dag måste man äta så lite salt som möjligt och
1. två potatisar
2. 15 mandlar
3. fyra frukter
4. rotfrukter
5. grönsaker
6. frön och bönor
7. 0,5 l lättmjölk
sen får man äta kött, fisk, ägg efter behov.

Fee Amaanillah

Us.. said...


Hopefully you will get better soon. Make lots of dua..Insya Allah.

UmSuhayb b David said...

wa aleikum asalam wa rahmatullah,oum anas, and us..
JazakiAllahkhair for the advice.
Alhamdulillah I seem not crave sugary foods as much I used to so that shouldn't be too hard. Swedish words for food items were the first things I learnt as I had to figure out quickly what things were halal or not in the supermarket!