Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thinking about the end goals..

Today I’ve been thinking more about ’classes’ ’activities’ organised by others, which at first glance appear ideal. Tawheed, Islamic adhab groups and finally the Arabic at school.
The first 2 are taught in such a way that doesn’t appeal to my kids way of learning. They need to be doing something, sitting and listening ends up with them switching off. The Arabic is at too high a level as it is aimed at the kids who have it as their mother tongue. I have requested the school to provide an easier class which will inshaAllah start soon.
You kind of think what a shame but on the other hand I feel they are learning things in their own ways. Through practical examples of people around them, critiques of certain cartoons/ stories involving aspects of shirk. S and H are v good at spotting the latter mashaAllah but I have to really explain to M so as he doesn’t just accept everything he hears. For example, a lucky penny has no power whatsoever..
The other day after Isha prayer which M and H actually joined in with (S had gone to bed) they were asking me all sorts of questions about akhirah, and I had to think hard to explain things at the right level.
There are always kids mashaAllah who will go every evening to the madrassah and learn their Quran and inshAllah become hafidh. I never sent mine to these big classes for the above reasons. A sister told me once that we must also emphasize on the hadith, stories of the companions, prophets to show how we should live the Quran. Just memorizing it is not the only goal.
I think I’ve got to the point of being fed up forcing the children to do things they really don’t want to and want it to be more child-led. We stopped tennis for a term as it was always a struggle to get them to go, although they like it mostly when they go. Also there was a cash flow problem when the bill came so that made the decision easier. Maybe inshaAllah we’ll resume it next term. The same was with the swimming, because the pool was closed down, but inshaAllah they’ll start some swimming which a brother has organised in a small pool near our house, so avoiding the fitnah of the standard classes and also means DH has to take them, not me!
So the only regular activity we have now is Scouts, and M does not often want to go.
The only exception now where child-lead activities are not happening is of course SCHOOL, but of course there are important reasons for this.
H still in nursery although I’m hoping to change this to a sister who is a childminder, and other sisters I know send their children there. H doesn’t seem to want to go, although he likes the children that go. But I suppose it is a natural reaction to change and basically he’d rather be home than anywhere else. But having to be pragmatic because of the Swedish. I wonder if the computer/ games consoles/ TV broke down, they’d be more keen to get out the house!!

On the way to nursery this morning we had tears because he splashed his trousers in a puddle and I wouldn’t return home to change them. It was only a few splashes and he had spares at nursery as far as I knew. Eventually I managed to calm him down by explaining that his legs were like the cooker boiling the water and the wind like the extractor fan (evaporation 4 year old level). He seemed quite satisfied by this and walked happily the rest of the way to nursery!


ummrashid said...

I've just been having this worry about memorisation of the Quran. Although mine read it regularly, I keep having the nagging idea that they should be memorizing more. But they don't like memorizing as they find it so hard. They heard so much bad news about madrassah from their friends (probably exaggerated)they really don't want to go. I have always been weak at memorizing, so have no stategies to offer.
For everything else I always agree with the child led thing, but Quran, I don't know. it worries me that I don't make enough effort.

UmSuhayb b David said...

Yes memorising isn't likely to be an activity children decide to do for themeselves. Although when they have their journey to school it's 20 mins of surahs, that do get memorised to a certain extent passively, esp the younger kids. At the mo though I'm mostly having to use the car which has no cd player so that's not been happening so much.
They do have twice a week Islamic studies at school which is mostly quran and hadith memorisation ( I'm actually requesting they do more explanation) so that keeps things going, and they do know a fair amount more than myself. M's quran class outside school which he did enjoy (as his friends went) has stoppped , which was bringing him up to S's level.

seekingtaqwa said...

most of the activities my children engage in are child led, simply because it's easier geeting them to accomplish something if they're interested in it, and feel motivated by it.On the Qur'an front i go with the quality not quantity theory and make sure they're making headway with the tajweed at least, and then we can concentrate more on memorisation...theres certainly less tension in the house when the children are alowed to express their own ways of learning masha'allah...

Us.. said...

I got 2 boys and really wanted for them to memorize quran as well. But, where I live, I'm not sure if I can find a person to teach them.
I got my brother, a hafiz, alhamdulillah. My parents send him to madrasah when he was 8 years old. Quran does need to be memorize since small and do need an enforcement in a way. I'm always love with child led learning. But, from my parents experience, I know, to be hafiz need an enforcement and do need specialist person to teach them.

UmSuhayb b David said...

wa aleikum asalam wa rahmatullah,
and I have heard of some who have learnt the whole Quran but do not at all follow their deen.
Didn't the companions only memorise more Quran once they were sure they were fully implementing what they knew.
Today M was actually asking me to replay a surah on the car's cd player and was testing himself SHOCK ! mashaAllah